High Resolution Computed Tomography (HRCT)


HRCT – pattern recognition and differential diagnosis of lung disease presents an introduction to the field of High Resolution Computed Tomograhpy of the Lung. The book is based on an easy-to-use algorithm (flowchart) which can be used as a tool in the diagnosis of lung diseases. The algorithm includes all the patterns used to describe relevant HRCT findings and differential diagnosis. The book also includes a disease overview illustrated with lots of images and clinical examples. Price: 32 Euro (Ebook 25 Euro)

Medical textbook, 111 pages, paperback. ISBN 978-91-88125-15-6 (English edition 2019), ISBN 978-91-88125-14-9 (Swedish edition 2019) and ISBN 978-91-88125-09-5 (German edition 2017). Trombone.