HRCT – Pattern Recognition and Differential Diagnosis of Lung Disease (2020)


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HRCT – pattern recognition and differential diagnosis of lung disease presents an introduction to the field of High Resolution Computed Tomography of the Lung. The book is based on an easy-to-use algorithm (flowchart) which can be used as a tool in the diagnosis of lung diseases. The algorithm includes all the patterns used to describe relevant HRCT findings and differential diagnosis. The book also includes a disease overview illustrated with lots of images and clinical examples.

This book’s purpose is to promote increased knowledge and structure within HRCT diagnosis. In this fourth edition, we have added a new chapter on progressive fibrosing interstitial lung diseases and revised the chapter on systemic rheumatoid diseases. Otherwise, there are
minor changes.

Medical textbook, 113 pages, paperback. ISBN 978-91-88125-15-6, Trombone, 2020. Cost of postage will be added.

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